Door Supervision

Door Supervision

  • Nightclubs
  • Bars & Public Houses
  • Music Festivals/Gigs
  • Casinos
  • Social clubs
  • Private functions
  • Private member Clubs
  • Restaurants / Fast food outlets
  • AGM and executive events
  • Film sets, productions, locations and studios

JB Protect Ltd considers our Door supervisors (DS) and service to be revolutionary to the industry and the night time economy. This is due to an individual and exclusive training program  for our DS which exceeds the requirements of the SIA (Security Industry Authority). 

With government supported vetting and background screening, we ensure our DS are exemplary in their conduct with the required knowledge and soft skills; fully licensed and compliant with the SIA regulations. 

This training program is only possible due to the fact that we have industry leading Close Protection Operatives that are duel trained and qualified as adult educational trainers, whom deliver our custom program. We appreciate the importance of tailoring each individual Door Team (DT) to each venue and its requirements. 

With our attention to detail, we can provide a training package in order to keep your existing Door supervisors and provide professional management expertise to enhance their skills, knowledge and your business.  Ultimately improving the clients experience.  Our Door Supervisors are trained to work within any venue.


Late night security solutions

Providing Professional & licensed SIA Door Supervisors to a plethora of venues. 

Man Guarding & Security Guards

Security Guarding

  • Building / Construction sites
  • Shopping centres
  • Railway stations
  • Shops
  • CCTV operators
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels including Concierge 
  • Offices 
  • Empty premises 
  • Court House
  • Airports
  • Docks / Shipping Ports
  • Sports grounds / Events
  • Film sets, productions, locations and studios
  • Book signings
  • Public promotions

Security guarding is the simplest form of security services but by no means the least and should be conducted to just a high standard as any other area within the industry.


Good security guards can aid in the prevent and detection of crime and reduce criminal activities such as thefts, assaults, burglaries and much more,  through a visual active presence. 

Our Guards, like all other areas have numerous additional training that is in house and exclusive to JB Protect staff. With vigilance, dedication and active patrols our guards offer a professional cost effective service. 

Security guards also offer auxiliary support with First aid, crowd control, searching and much more.


Event Security

Security & Stewards

Our staff are trained in;

  • Parking management,
  • Searching, 
  • Crowd control,
  • Crisis management, 
  • Extractions, 
  • Mobile patrols, 
  • First aid, 
  • Response teams,
  • Ticket office / Entry management,

With social activities and events, security has become a key feature of responsibility for the organisers. Here at JB Protect Ltd we offer a service to remove that burden allowing our clients to focus on what their first started out to do; provide a great time. From the start to finish we will provide the complete package. We provide the consultancy during the event planning ensuring that all security requirements are fulfilled and in line with all Health and safety regulations and compliance.

Our security operatives are polite professional and customer focused.  Which results our clients knowing they are fully supported.

We even have specialist staff that hold personal licenses and have the knowledge to liaise with licensing and other third party agencies that are integral to the event. We will assist however we can so the event runs without any unwanted occurrences.


Close Protection



Close protection as role within the security industry, in recent years, has grown and progressed adapting to the needs of the customer.  In recent years there has been a noticeable rise in terrorist threats and international organised criminal networks. 

Threats such as these have been come increasingly frequent both foreign and domestic. Those concerned in serious crime are now better able to travel more easily through border controls committing crimes such as blackmail, kidnap and industrial espionage. Those targeted  range from high net worth families to those with influence, politicians, V.I.P's and celebrities. 

At JB Protect Ltd we have highly trained and qualified operatives with outstanding skill-sets, knowledge and experience to undertake a professional protective role anywhere in the world. Our CPO's (Close protection operatives), have acquired invaluable experiences in carrying out detailed security assessments highlighting the risks and threats in order to  provide both the necessary protective services and confidentiality that our clients required from us. 

The CPO's we supply will ensure that our clients maintain their daily routine safely without concern. We then continue ongoing dynamic risk and threat management in order that threats are neutralised and adjustments to the client routine is minimised and controlled. 

We have the skills and resources to provide everything from individual close protection (Body guard), to a dedicated team of operatives detailed to protect individuals, entire families, properties and assets. With a social media driven society we offer overt and covert protection. This specifically designed to meet the each individuals requirements according to any cultural,political and religious needs that they may have. 

We provide a service to our clients with integrity, diligence, confidentiality and professionalism. We ensure our clients feels protected and at ease in any situation having complete confidence in our specialist capabilities.


Dog handler & K9 Units

Dog Handler & K9


A trained and experienced K9 security dog is an exceptionally effective deterrent against intruders and crowds. Criminals committing thefts, anti-social behaviour right through to trespassing and fleeing a scene, will have second thoughts and invariably decide against doing such when a K9 unit is involved in the equation.

JB Protect General purpose service dogs are under the constant control of their highly qualified handler. This combination of a effective handler and well trained security K9 unit makes them as effective as 5 conventional security guards. This is down the sheer  visual deterrent, hearing, and sense of smell and speed.

JB Protect Ltd provides NASDU qualified K9 security handler teams who are able to remain on site over agreed times. They are highly visible deterrent, effectively detecting intruders. 

Our K9 units are always equipped for every eventuality providing for the Dogs needs, the handlers needs and the needs of the task at hand.

Our Handlers hold an associate company membership with NASDU, (National association of Security dog users). 

Holding this membership demonstrates  that we have the necessary abilities and attributes to comply with British Standard and we are complying with BS 8517-1:2009 standards.

Our handlers undergo constant re training and practise to ensure they are fully capable and safe to work within their roles.

Before deployment, Dog handlers carry out a risk assessment and site check. This is to protect the needs of the client so that we can provide the services required and for the safety of the K9 unit. 


Company & Staff Accreditation's & Association's