Dog Handler & K9

A trained and experienced K9 security dog is an exceptionally effective deterrent against intruders and crowds. Criminals committing thefts, anti-social behaviour right through to trespassing and fleeing a scene, will have second thoughts and invariably decide against doing such when a K9 unit is involved in the equation.

JB Protect's general purpose service dogs are under the constant control of their highly qualified handler. This combination of an effective handler and well trained security K9 unit makes them as effective as five conventional security guards. Not only are they a sheer visual deterrent, their hearing, sense of smell and speed will always out perform a human being.

National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU)

JB Protect Ltd provides NASDU qualified K9 security handler teams who are able to remain on site over agreed times. They are a highly visible deterrent, effectively detecting intruders. Our K9 units are always equipped for every eventuality providing for the dog's needs, the handlers needs and the needs of the task at hand.

Our Handlers hold an associate company membership with NASDU, which demonstrates that we have the necessary abilities and attributes to comply with British Standard 8517-1:2009. Our handlers undergo constant re training and practice to ensure they are fully capable and safe to work within their roles.

Risk Assessments

Before deployment, Dog handlers carry out an extensive risk assessment and site check. This is to protect the needs of the client so that we can provide the services required and for the safety of the K9 unit. 

If you require this specialised service, please contact us for more information. 

Security dog handler and his German Shepherd security dog, standing in front of a K9 Unit vehicle.

Specialised Protective Measures & Incident Management

C.B.R.N Protective Measures

We are happy to provide to businesses that are functioning in areas relating to potential risks, physical security advice, preventative measures and guidance. 

With technology improving the world is shrinking - proven in January 2020 with the outbreak of 'Covid-19'. 

If you have fears for yours and your families safety against the following; we can assist you with this premium and uniquely special service. 

  • C - Chemical 
  • B - Biological
  • R - Radiological
  • N- Nuclear 

At JB Protect we have a select number of Operators who are highly trained in CBRN protective and defensive services either with the Police or the Military. We are delighted to now offer this Crisis Management and Incident Management service to our clients.

We also provide Security Operatives trained in HAZMAT, IOSH and NEBOSH. With various levels of health and safety qualifications and skills, we are adaptive and resourceful as a service. We can provide support for local authorities and emergency services when required during times of crisis and need. 

In addition to these we also provide: medics and first aid trained staff for festivals, events, sporting shows/competitions and film sets and locations. 

As a company we have registered with the World Health Organisation (W.H.O); and receive regular training resources and updates.

We can advise on what to do, what equipment to buy and how to use it. We can also facilitate and organise the purchase of this specialised equipment into your own personal protective equipment (PPE) grab bag. 

Corporate Service

We are happy to provide to businesses that are functioning in areas relating to potential risks, physical security advice, preventative measures and guidance. 

The costs of a CBRN incident and the devastating and negative impact could be mitigated and reduced by seeking the correct advice and installing standard operational procedures .

For more information on this complex and diverse topic please contact us for further details about how we can help.


We are following the latest government advice and guidelines, monitoring the situation daily. A Covid-19 risk assessment is carried out on every assignment we undertake to ensure the safety of our clients, the public and our staff. We are happy to discuss these measures with you upon enquiry. 

Operatives in protective CBRN gear on training exercise. Training for potential risks and hazards.

CBRN Training exercise


Company & Staff Associations and Accreditation's

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