Close Protection

Close Protection - CP, PPO, BG


Close protection is a role within the security industry.  In recent years, it has grown and progressed adapting to the needs of the client.  In recent years there has been a noticeable rise in terrorist threats and international organised crime networks. Threats such as these have been come increasingly frequent, both foreign and domestic. Those connected with serious crime are now able to travel more easily through border controls, committing crimes such as blackmail, kidnap and industrial espionage. Those targeted  range from high net worth families to those with influence, including politicians, V.I.P's and celebrities. 

At JB Protect Ltd we have highly trained and qualified operatives with outstanding skill-sets, knowledge and experience to undertake a professional protective role anywhere in the world. Our CPO's (Close Protection Operatives), have acquired invaluable experiences in carrying out detailed security assessments highlighting the risks and threats in order to  provide both the necessary protective services and confidentiality that our clients required from us.

The CPO's we supply will ensure that our clients maintain their daily routine safely without concern. We then continue ongoing dynamic risk and threat management in order that threats are neutralised.  Proactive adjustments to the client routine is minimised and controlled. We have the skills and resources to provide everything from individual close protection (Body guard), to a dedicated team of operatives detailed to protect individuals, entire families, properties and assets. With a social media driven society we offer overt and covert protection. This is specifically designed to meet each individuals requirements according to any cultural,political or religious needs that they may have.


We provide a service to our clients with integrity, diligence, confidentiality and professionalism. We ensure our clients feel protected and at ease in any situation, having complete confidence in our specialist capabilities.


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